6 Ways To Spot A Fake GBA Game The Avalanche Rebels

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Look at the backs of the cartridges. Pay attention to the Nintendo logo, the "NTR-005 PAT. PEND.", and the black number that was printed on. Just look at that for a few minutes, and get a good idea of what it's all supposed to look like. I've never seen a fake DS game get this stuff right.

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External identification. The fastest way is usually the screw that holds the shell together. An official cart will have the screw at the bottom of the shell and it needs a "gamebit 3.8mm" screw driver to open it (or apparently a melted Bic Biro). Below you can see on the right is the original screw location and type, on the left a common.

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On a fake, the logo printed on the board will usually be misshapen, the text won't be centered in the oval properly, and the line of the oval will be too thin in places. The font is usually wrong, too. And that's if the bootleggers bothered to print anything at all. 6. The Point of No Return.

6 Ways To Spot A Fake GBA Game The Avalanche Rebels

All in all, always make sure to compare your cartridge to an authentic one online to confirm fonts, font sizes, positioning, etc. Cartridge: In the case of buying a physical cartridge yourself, this may be one on the most helpful things to know. The easiest things to look out for are the Gameboy logo on top of the label, and arrow below the label.

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The cartridge itself looks just like any normal Game Boy cartridge, it even has the same writing on the upper back, "Made in Japan" and "Pat Pend." The other Game Boy Pokemon games all look exactly like this with a similarly organized label that dons the mascot and game's color.

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Today we take a look at a FAKE Pokemon Emerald GBA Cartridge so you know what to look for when you are out hunting for these games! #howtospotafake #fakegbac.

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The Game Boy Advance is also quite ripe with counterfeit cartridges, and some are getting pretty hard to tell the difference. Every GBA cartridge features the game's unique logo, maybe a picture.

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2. Cartridge Quality: Genuine GBA cartridges have a solid build with clean edges and a smooth finish. Counterfeit cartridges often have rough edges, uneven surfaces, or noticeable discoloration. Additionally, authentic cartridges usually have a Nintendo logo etched on the back, while fake ones may lack this detail.

6 Ways To Spot A Fake GBA Game The Avalanche Rebels

There's some easy ways to tell if you have a genuine GBA or a fake Gameboy advance game and I cover the basics in this video. Also check out the COMPLETE NE.

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In this guide I will show you how to spot and avoid fake Game Boy games and hopefully save you some headaches!

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Counterfeit Game Boy Advance cartridges are everywhere, and a high percentage of those are Pokemon games. This is a quick and easy guide for those seeking th.

6 Ways To Spot A Fake GBA Game The Avalanche Rebels

1. Look at the label. Sometimes, the label will be a custom one different from the official one. There are many things that can be altered: the Nintendo logo, the ESRB rating icon, and the Game Boy Advance logo. Search the cartridge on Google Images and compare them. [1] 2. Check the color.

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The Nintendo logo should have a trademark symbol on the far right. if It's missing, the cartridge is fake. Beware the grey cartridge: If you see a North American or European Pokémon game in a gray cartridge, run away. Nintendo has never produced any Pokémon title on the Game Boy or Game Boy Color in a gray shell.

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To me it's often the corners of the sticker. On fakes they're generally more rounded while legit have sharper corners. Then there's the gba text at the top that can have a different font. That's spot on. Indeed, the GBA text at the top is very different on the reproductions. I have a bunch of fake ones and they really stand out.


The market is flooded with fake Game Boy Advance cartridges. This makes it difficult to spot which games are real and which are fake.Fake games still work, h.

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The serial code on the bottom of the label should also match the serial code that is on the back of the cartridge. Authentic copies will have a bold font for The Pokémon Company on the label, while fakes tend to be thinner. The green and gold chip on the bottom back side of the cartridge should shine and sparkle in the light.